An Ode To Fabulous Characters

I like to look at the story of my life as a novel. Different chapters. One main character. Various characters coming in and out. Twists, turns, humour, heroics. A hope for a happy ending. As my upcoming birthday approaches, I can’t help but think of all the various story lines that have played out in my life over the years, thus far. They say friends come and go, but I’ve been blessed with friends who have made more than just a cameo. Friends who have been around over the years to see the various story lines through, as I have with them.

The great thing about the ongoing presence of others in your life, is they help you reflect on past chapters; help you look forward to new ones, when you don’t even have an ounce of energy to turn the page. They recall memorable quotes – plot lines already forgotten – and to ensure they remain a continuous character in the book of you, they help remind you of such.

A great friend is someone who has done their homework. Listens when you speak. Catches you in bad patterns. Commends you on your courage and growth. Calls your bluff. One who is not judgmental, but is there for you. Through thick, through thin. Through rough patches without frustration, through great times without envy. As we teeter-toward the latter part of our twentysomethings, it’s important to embrace the friendships that come easy; without a cost. To realize all the lovely ladies in our lives have their quirks, their unique little liaisons that make ’em who they are, but the knowingness that without them we wouldn’t follow be us. We are drawn to others for certain reasons and have come across them to serve a purpose. Share yourself with the femmes you’re fortunate to call friends. Be there when they need you. Draw boundaries when they might need you too much. To create a lasting friendship is to know that no matter how long you go without talking, without seeing each other, that they will always be there for you. That it will feel like you just spoke but an hour before.

– Jenny Jen

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