Weathering The Storm

When things are going good, they’re good. When things are going bad, they’re bad. But as they say, whatever we put out is what we get back in return. So how do we find balance between the highs and lows? Well how about looking at an outside source (such as that special someone known as our boyfriend) to hand us a metaphorical umbrella to block the rain from pouring on us and the sun shining on us.

Sometimes we see and interpret things through rosy shaded glasses. Self protection at it’s finest. Sometimes we take words or perceived opinions of others to heart – when they are anything but personal – and let them get the best of us. Bouncing our thoughts and feelings off of a trusted other, such as our partner, allows us to hone in on reality. A great (often overlooked) asset our other half can provide us with is their ability to challenge us. Often times, family, friends and co-workers don’t challenge us as much as we need it. They often sugarcoat so as not to say something out of line. Your man, on the other hand, should be there to not let the best of the best and the worst of the worst get to your head. They should challenge you and remind you where you stand in certain situations, and should proudly stand by your side in support, no matter which direction your mood is in that day.

People have good days. People have off days. The more you practice balance and the more grounded you are, the less the high highs and low lows will affect (or shake) you. Before you let your mind go into overdrive, pour a glass of red for you and your man, sit back and look at the situation for what it is. Don’t react. Don’t let your thoughts run into fight or flight. Instead, just be and check in to see whether or not your thoughts and feelings are warranted given the situation. And when the roles are reversed, don’t be scared to challenge him. It will help his growth and will help show that you won’t just be a ‘yes man’ kind of girl, listening in awe to his stories, but instead a strong partner who can help him weather the storm.

Now, where did I put my umbrella?

– Jenny Jen

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