Après Work Drinks

We live in a weekday routine ridden life: wake up, work, yoga, dinner, some quite time with our other half before going to bed to wake up to do it all again. Routine can keep us sane, but it can also drive us borderline loco when we can’t enjoy the sun, and have no time to take time to focus on anything that doesn’t fit into our scheduled routine. Well just in case you needed an excuse – my fair skinned friend – the summer is the perfect one to add some spice (and colour) into the mundane mix.

To change the readily called upon routine is to keep yourself on your toes. To take advantage of the longer days, the beckoning patios, the sunshine your un-windowed office lacks. There’s a reason why people are much happier this time of year and that is because there is no longer an excuse to hibernate. As busy as we are, it’s important to take some time to cool off, take some weight off our shoulders and enjoy evenings that don’t fall on the weekend. One never realizes the balance they can have between work and play, until they actually take the time for some play. Break free from the norm; the learned.

iCal in a date with your man to go for some après work drinks. Leave the car at home, have him meet you at your office (or you his if it’s in a more ‘happening’ hood) and head on out to a local pub with the perfect patio to get some sangria and some sunshine. Flirt with some appetizers, indulge in some entrees, turn your phones off, share a pitcher of sangria and take in the Saturday feeling, as if it were. We get so caught up with being here or there at a certain time. Following a specific diet. Needing to use up our groceries before they go bad. Having a drink instead at home just because it is there. Get out. Have a weekday date and remind yourself that this little oasis that is making the most of your time is always available to you, if you choose to take a different turn and not fall prey to routine.

– Jenny Jen

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