When is it ok to sign both of your names on a card?

The first time you sign your mans name on a card with yours is always a monumental relationship moment. Sure your new guy may have already met your parents, your friends and maybe your relationship is plastered all over Facebook, but the signing of the card together associates the two of you as a real we. It is a keepsake for someone else paying homage to your newly found other half. But it is important to know when it’s ok to start signing his name with yours. You don’t want to do it too soon, but you also want to show your man that you consider him part of your life now. It’s a subtle little way to take things to ‘the next step’.

Here’s when you should sign his name with yours, and when to avoid it:

1) When you are no longer invited with an ‘and date’ and are instead invited with their name written in cursive writing on an envelope, loud and proud.

2) ‘But what if we have a family member or friends birthday party – one where a gift will be given – and there is no invite?’ Then chances are, if it’s still early on, it’s likely he isn’t pitching for the present. Instead, get and sign your own card (if you’re anything like me it will resemble a novel) and make sure your man sends this person an ‘on wall’ (cc: Facebook) birthday message. This shows that yes they are in your life, and yes they are acknowledging said birthday, but it won’t come off as aggressive as a card. If things go well, next year his name can proudly sit next to yours.

3) If you are both invited to a gettogether celebration together and you aren’t bringing a card (think pre drink, cottage, etc) if you happen to bring booze or other little things to enjoy use your words to say it’s on behalf of both of you. Even if he didn’t pitch and even if it’s really just from you. The proper etiquette if you are invited somewhere and going out as a couple is to act like one.

– Jenny Jen

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