Married Off

“So when are you guys getting engaged?” yet another friend asks you as if they’re your grandmother, ready to finally marry you off. It seems to me that, when you are in your latter part of your twentysomethings and in a happy and healthy relationship, the ‘are you engaged yet?’ questions come as often as the once popular ‘What’s up?’ ones. Now if one friend asked, you could look at it as a bit of a joke, but how much can you really laugh it off when all your friends and family members ask it, ad nauseum?

Call it aggressive, call it endearing, whatever it is it seeks some type of response. Though many of us see engagements as ‘making things official’, it’s important to be in the now and to not let peoples words put any sort of pressure on you, your relationship and your expectations. To be in the moment and let things play out organically is the best way to be. For those of you confronted by the ominous question, get your snarky or witty reply down pact, know that the queries come from curious friends more so as a compliment of how great they think things are going with your and your life, and realize that – whether you’re dating for six months or six years – it comes in the territory.

And get used to it girly. The problem with the way our adult life works, is that the ‘what’s next’ questioning doesn’t stop. First it’s about engagements. Then it’s ‘So when are you guys having a baby?’ Be thankful right now it’s the former.

– Jenny Jen

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