The Perfect Present

You catch yourself giggling, which is a point of note seeing as though you’ve had a rigorous workday and were so completely stressed out just a half hour prior. But that was then. Now, you are somehow wrapped up in a weird shape of sorts in your guys arms. In between the eskimo, butterfly and raspberry kisses, inside jokes and just basking in one anothers’ company, is a silent appreciation and acknowledgement that in this exact moment, nothing else matters. You feel completely content, comforted and calm and you don’t want this moment to end. And when that exact thought comes up, that is in fact when you choose to end that moment. You do so as you take yourself away from the present and start wondering when the next time is you’ll get to see your partner in crime. You have that meeting tomorrow, he has that interview. You told a girlfriend you’d grab a drink with her after work, he’s catching the basketball game with his boys. As you pull out your iPad calendar to see when the two of your busy, twentysomething schedules will line up next, you are taking away from what you are sharing; each others company. Instead the focus becomes the future.

We make plans not only to ensure we have booked time aside for our special someone but also because it gives us something to look forward to. When we have events and plans to look forward to with our man, it keeps the spice alive in the relationship, as I discuss in my article in AOL Lifestyle today. But we often fail to enjoy these moments once they come, as we get ahead of ourselves thinking about ‘what’s next?’

Try to catch your wondorous thoughts and just drop them. Bring yourself back to his touch, his words, the shared intimacy. The one moment you are certain you have. Enjoy and take in your environment. Listen to one another without anticipating a response, without comparing whatever it is you guys are doing with another moment in time. If you allow yourself to truly be in the now and take in the sacredness that is the moment, then the next moment won’t even matter and instead will happen organically.

– Jenny Jen

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