Inside Jokes

As time goes on and you make more memories with your man, you begin to pile up a whole lotta inside jokes. Whether it be expressions, tones, words or full fledged sentences, the two of you are clicking and have an arsenal of go-to sentences and themes you constantly bring up; words that are sure to put a bigger smile on both of your already-smily faces.

Growing up, inside jokes were only admirable if we were on the inside of them. When we were, they allowed us to feel a sense of bonding, understanding and camaraderie. That’s why it’s no wonder in our twentysomethings, that inside jokes have the ability to make us feel the same way. They can be referenced in just about any moment in time, which works great when the two of you are stuck in a scenario where others are around, and you want to pinpoint to one another that you’re both on the same page (without nudging each other under the table). When you get to resort back to these inside jokes, you are also bringing up the feelings that come alongside of them. So if your joke is about people who are conceited as hell, you can say your go-to term to indicate that to one another without explicit saying that out loud.

There are many things that make couples unique. The relationship you have and the way you and your current squeeze play off of one another is likely rather different from that of your last what’s-his-name. Laugh. Joke. Share. Bond. Embrace and bask in the jokes that are exclusive to the two of you, your personalities and your special little moments.

Since so many of us tend to sweat the small stuff in relationships, we should pay homage to the small stuff that comprise the good moments too.

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