Sun Showers

Another day, another rainstorm. A look at your Twitter feed indicates frustration from your friends who wish the flowers May is made of would just come out and we can put away the April-ridden rain storms. Oh how life imitates art. How ironic it is that when storms hit weather wise, and the skys are a gruesome grey, we often fall prey to a similar state. Mood down, with the rain metaphorically representing tears, darkness representing that which comes out within us. In movies, scenes of sadness are often echoed with a backdrop of bad weather. It’s no wonder then, why many of us correlate the weather with our mood; the perfect way to make or break our day that is completely out of our power. Or so we think.

If we compare the rainy weather and sunny weather to our personal relationships we leave way too much up to chance. Why not embrace the bad weather (alongside the bad times that will inevitably come up in your life) and fight it with all you got? Think sun showers. Think ‘I can change my day around with a simple thought’. Our perspective alone seals our fate. What we tell ourselves effects how we look at things. When we are frustrated with our sig other, we only recognize all the little annoying things that help validate our negative thoughts. This acts as a downward spiral of chaotic thinking. When negative emotions or an ‘off day’ arises, challenge yourself to not give into your learned, habitual way of thinking, which you’ve trained yourself in. Instead, reframe. Look for the loving feeling you have in their presence, remind yourself of the laughs, their support, your shared connection and allow it to pour over you. Tough times will arise, but they can pass just as easily. Take that moment to reframe, to catch yourself in bad habits and then move on. Let it go. Focus on your work, your life, your hobbies, yourself and the good will fall in place in no time.

Take control of your thoughts and don’t use the weather as an excuse for you to soak in misery. Take charge and allow more sun into your day.

– Jenny Jen

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One thought on “Sun Showers

  1. "If we compare the rainy weather and sunny weather to our personal relationships we leave way too much up to chance."My fav quote…at the beginning of the year i told my friends you only get out of live what you ask of it. If you want to be happy, successful and fun then go out and take control.great post.

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