Catching Glimpses

You’re in the kitchen baking a sweet snack for you to win his heart through his stomach, and as you’re measuring this, and cracking eggs that you look up across the room at him sitting on the couch, as he plays on his iPad 2 and you smile to yourself. You continue on prepping what you hope is a delicious dish, and as you’re mixing in the finishing ingredients you can feel his eyes watching you. Again, cue smile. Again because it’s been plastered on your face for days on end. Your friends notice the extra pep in your step, and though you have many exciting things happening in your work life, you know your other half has a little something to do with said pep.

Now being in a great relationship is all well and good, but many of us fall into relationships that take away from the great little twentysomethings we are.

When in a relationship, these are the core questions you must ask yourself:

1) Does this person bring out the best or the worst in me?
2) Does this person make a better or a worse person?
3) Am I happy more than I’m sad?
4) Do I value this person, or do I envy them?
5) Do I like this person, or do I only like the idea of them?
6) Do friends and family say I seem more happy, or that I no longer seem like myself?

We often let comfort overrule logic and in turn stay in situations we are too scared to get out of. A fear prevails that we may not find someone else. That we may be alone forever. That we won’t have anyone to bring with as a date to the next event we are going to. But this a relationship does not make. As I wrote about in my Relationship Column in Woman’s Post, you could have it so much better.

A relationship is about being with someone who brings out the best in you, who is a bonus to who you are as a person, but not a need. If you catch yourself glimpsing his way, just to see him doing his thing, just because you’re so freaking happy you can’t take your eyes off of him, just because every time you do your heart speeds up a little more, you my friend have got it bad!

There’s something super sweet about catching glimpses of the one you’re with. It’s one of lifes little luxuries. And the best part is – the way energy works -even if he’s not looking up at you, a part of him can feel your eyes, and I bet that alone makes him feel the same butterflies you do. Let’s just make sure they’re only glimpses girls and not full blown stares. That could have the opposite effect.

– Jenny Jen

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