Rave Reviews

One could argue that a goal in life is to get rave reviews. The fate of businesses survival alone could be based on word of mouth. Good review, more people want. Bad review, less people want. So it is no wonder, when you hear your friends and family boast about the boy in your life, that you are on the right track.

Hearing words of praise about your boy, is almost better than getting a compliment from your friends. In fact, it is a sort of compliment in and of itself. It is above just ordinary ‘we like him’ approval. And what’s better is when it is so immediate. After having brought the new(ish) guy in your life on a double date or to a family get together, there is nothing more encouraging of a truly heartfelt smile when you get a message from one of the other couples you were with professing their love for him:

– you guys are our fave of all our coupled up friends

– when can we see you again?

– we heart him

– we LOVE him

– i’ve never seen you so happy

– i’ve never seen him so happy

– he is THE BEST

– he’s one cool cat

A rave review symbolizes just how perfect he fits in your life. It makes hanging out with other couples, friends and family easy and just flow. I can’t help but remember a ‘Friends’ episode where – after just giving birth to Emma – Rachel and Pheobe want a girls night out so Ross and Pheobe’s boyfriend Mike (played by Paul Rudd) stay in to watch Emma and sit on the couch in borderline silence without anything to discuss. It was awkward to watch, making me want to look away out of discomfort.

We sometimes take for granted our other half’s ability to click with our friends. We must recognize that a rave review is hard to come by, so when we get not just one, but instead one from each and every one of our friends (and their boyfriends/husbands), then you know you’ve found a keeper. Because let’s face it the review isn’t just about his character alone but instead, how he and you work and bounce off one another. He’s a hit because of the playful, connected, contagious aura you both give off.

Hearing praise tells us we can make double dates and bring him around to functions on our arm, and – not only will he fit right in – but his presence will be appreciated and sought after. To find a charismatic, charming, classy character who meshes so well in your life is a sign that finally you have found a perfect match. Especially when – in past relationships – you never got a review at all, a sure sign that an approval isn’t just handed out to anyone.

If you think one of your friends guys is a top notch prince charming, let her know just how much you like them together, and Ebert that shit like none other.

– Jenny Jen

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