It Should Go Without Saying

Many people argue chivalry is dead; many women leave men for not being chivalrous enough. No matter which side of the subject you stand on, here is a list of things that he should do.

It should go without saying…

– if you’ve just pulled up at home with a trunk full of groceries, he should help bring them in

– if your night has come to an end and you are parting ways, and it’s after dark, he should walk you to your car

– if you’re exclusive, he shouldn’t have other women’s ‘leave behind’ items still stored at his place

– if he is invited to a function with a date and brings a date, it should be you

– if he brings you to a function, he shouldn’t leave you high and dry and should instead navigate you through it

– if you have an important appointment (doctor, surgery, etc.) he should offer to accompany you, and if you forego said offer he should visit you after the procedure

– if he has a variety of sports games playing often in the background, he shouldn’t complain or switch the channel when you have your must-watch tv shows on

– if it’s cold, he’s bundled up and you are out with him sans jacket, he should – at the very least – not talk about how warm he is and should instead wrap his arm around you to warm your little butt up, if not his jacket

– if he’s RSVP’d to be your plus one to an event, he shouldn’t cancel last minute

– if you are having a ‘bad day’ he shouldn’t take it personally and avoid your negative energy, but should instead make efforts to cheer you up and try a little harder

– if it’s your birthday and you’re having a fete in honour, he should be in attendance and should not be at another friends birthday instead

– if you are a giving lover, you should be a getting lover all the same. Slacking beneath the sheets a mutual relationship does that not make.

Have I missed any obvious ‘it should go without saying’s?’ Share your make it or break it need-to-knows for guys.

– Jenny Jen

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