In Like

A List of Twentysomething Likes

1) The state of mind of absolute wholeness that is savasna

2) Reading the first page of a new book, not knowing what the journey ahead has in store

3) The wisdom that comes alongside a cup of Yogi green tea, with life lesson quotes on the tea bag

4) Raw food

5) The electric feeling from listening to ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ and ‘Rolling in the Deep’

6) Compatibility

7) Acceptance and in turn the ability to let go

8) The anticipation that comes after the ‘send’ button is pressed

9) Horoscopes that offer guidance

10) Date night

11) Seeing someone smile and knowing you put the smile there

12) People who honour their word

13) The idea of a long weekend

14) Holding a pose on the mat with complete and utter stillness (both mentally and physically)

15) Friends who just get it

16) Entertaining Tweets

17) Composing a Tweet that entertains others

18) Vintage, oversized sunglasses

19) Weather which promotes an open roof in the car

20) Solid communication

21) Using a Sunday how it’s meant to be used

22) Pressing the refresh button multiple times, and finally seeing what I had hoped for there

23) How soothing French jazz music is to the ears, heart and mind

24) The knowingness the negative emotions pass

25) The ability to express oneself through colours and clothing

26) Detoxifying Juices made of various vegetables and fruits

27) Eucalyptus incense

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