Holding Up a Table and Dirty Looks

You’ve paid your bill, your dishes have been cleared, there’s a line up out the door composed of various palpably hungry people with eyes that dart but the evilest of looks. You sit there (seemingly oblivious) laughing and gabbing over glasses of just ice (mostly melted) with your company. You are content. You are full. You are just dragging out the inevitable goodbye, the close to a great meal with great company making it last as long as you sure well can before you part your separate ways.

You, my blonde, bronzed, counterparts are overstaying your welcome. You likely know it, as do your servers who are likely running scripts in their heads on how to get you to go (without rushing you out) and the people in line also know it. Here’s the thing, once the bill has been placed on the table and then paid, it is time to leave. Because you can only avoid the looks and tension-ridden energy for so long. How easily we forget how we were feeling just an hour plus before, hungry and anxious and frustrated as ever to be sat and fed.

So what is one to do when conversation and chemistry are still going strong and you want to bide some more time to make your time together last?

Your best bet is moving the party to another venue. A coffee shop down the street, or if it’s after noon on a weekend (or a reasonably acceptable time to consume alcohol) perhaps a bar. Or maybe, if you still have ‘room’ you can head to another venue for dessert. I always know I’m having a good time with someone (whether on a date or out with friends) when we have a Part II version, a continuation to our originally set plan. I get it girls, you don’t want to get up from the table or suggest leaving, because there is a chance that whoever you’re with may call it a day, but the added pressure of the awaiting patrons when you’re holding up a table will only jade your conversations, as you spend more time in your head wondering when you’ll get kicked out rather than being in the present. Pay the bill, grab your latest go-to handbag, and carry on with your company in tow.

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