Put it (Yourself) Together

People come in and out of my office all day, everyday during the five day work week. Some I notice, some I don’t and some I stop whatever it is I’m doing to give them my undivided attention. So what makes me stop, you wonder? Well, it’s simple – those who are well put together seem to stop me in my tracks. As if what they are saying becomes more worth while when their power suit is on. When someone is well put together, they are showing you that they are interested in taking care of themselves. They take the time to look professional, which in turn makes them feel better, furthermore giving them the confidence that allows them to exude more power.

I was chatting with a friend of mine yesterday who informed me that he had a morning meeting and was stuck in the office wearing a suit all day. He joked that it made him feel important, to which I replied, “you are.” And he is, because we all know if Ari Gold’s character was in jeans and hoodies on Entourage he just wouldn’t be the Ari Gold that we love to hate (and love to love for that matter).

Today I have a conference call regarding some future relationship writing prospects and I decided to put this putting myself together thing to the test. I came into the office dressed up in an outfit that would illicit the getting of phone numbers if I was in a different environment. I feel like I’m sitting up straighter and making better points, all because of this psychological effect my attire has.

Put yourself together and take care of your physical appearance and notice how the act of doing effects the act of feeling. This effect is similar to the one I spoke of the other day which discusses how surrounding yourself with clutter leads to a more cluttered mind. As I always say, like attracts like so be concious of what you’re putting out.

– Jenny Jen

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