How to Give Good Photo

There’s nothing like a good photo op, that is if you can actually fit in the same frame as your man. For those of us pint sized blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings, the picture taking process becomes just that; a process. There’s that whole ‘Should I bend down thing?’ he’s debating, and you trying to do your due diligence on your tipy-toes to reach semi-close to his scruffy face. As if the four inches on your beigh, patent pumps don’t even make a difference you somehow manage to awkwardly figure out a pose of choice. Then, once you smile and do your whole ‘Can I see how we look thing’, you realize you may as well be posing with a basketball player as you see but the top of your head (hey we didn’t wear this outfit for nothing) and the bottom of his.

Here is a guide on how to pose in pictures with your much taller boyfriend:

1) Sit on it: When sitting on his lap not only do you get to get up close and personal, but this puts you both at evenish ground. His leg acting as your booster chair. Saddle up.

2) Self Portrait: We all know the self portrait where you hold the cam in your hand, extend your arm only to aim, shoot and hope you get yourself in the picture(hey before he came around we took handfuls of them of ourselves). Get your guy to use his long, toned arms to capture you both together. From a distance you notice the height difference but if you snuggle all up in him and he shoots at the right angle, you’ll have yourselves a shot to write home about.

3) Extreme Close Up: Standing side by side seems stiff with a gent who’s a giant, unless there’s a connecting factor between the two of you. Cuddle into his chest, have him drape his arm over your shoulders, something, anything to take away from the knowingness that his head is way above yours.

– Jenny Jen

Photo Credit: Source.


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