Spring Cleaning

With spring but a couple weeks away, we are confronted with some hope of sunshine and warmth after a confusing winter of sorts. So what better time then the now, to refresh your cluttered life as well? I call it spring cleaning, when we get out with the old and in with the new. Whether it’s removing pictures of you holding drinks on girls nights out off of your Facebook page, emptying out the often unworn articles of clothing from your closet to make way for the new pieces you already know your going to buy, or even deleting the dating history archive that is your cell phone contact list, spring cleaning offers you a clean slate.

I’ve always been in the camp that thinks people with extra clutter in turn have a more cluttered state of mind. This notion of spring cleaning is putting your a foot forward committing to the clearing of items (both mental and physical) no longer deemed necessary.

I remember when a fellow blonde, bronzed, twentysomething girlfriend of mine ended things with the man she thought was the love of her life. After many years together (and many Facebook pics showcasing said years) she decided to start anew. She deleted all albums, all tagged pictures, the works, and her page plays homage to her life as she knows it post him. As if she’s reinvented herself and is displaying this new stage minus the baggage and the documented past.

Though seemingly harmless, having excess stuff around does have an effect on us; a weight. With a close to yet another season gone by, comes growth through that which we experienced during it. There comes a time when moving forward can only be done when we have space to let the new in. Rid yourself from your ghosts of the past through a thorough spring cleaning and welcome in the new.

– Jenny Jen

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