Much Needed Mini Getaways

I haven’t blogged since Friday. This due to a mini getaway which I embarked on with a plus one. The idea of going away was one that I didn’t know how much I wanted it until it was offered to me, the same way one doesn’t know how hungry they are until they start eating. Isn’t it easy to get stuck in a routine, to plan plan plan, to see plans through all while anticipating the next plan, the next thing to cross off your long list of to-do’s? We so often miss ‘moments’ because our minds are always looking forward to the next thing. It’s sad really because we look back at the past as we sigh and say ‘time flies’ yet never seem to appreciate it while it’s ours.

I decided that if I’d agree to go up to Muskoka (aka cottage country) for the weekend, that I would leave everything behind. No checking emails. No blogging. No checking comments on my posts and next-to-no Tweeting (unless the opportunity arose). Not only would the boy have my undivided attention and present company, but I would have my own. What a treat, me thinks.

My mind and body played slave to the environment. The being isolated together. The comfort that I almost forgot was a weekend. Nowhere to be. Nothing to do. Peace. Stillness. Being.

Our twentysomethings are a stage of the filled Louis Vuitton agenda, so much so that we’ve already taken a trip to the LV store to fill it with more paper. Plans here, work outs there, girls nights here, date nights there, a meeting or four, a photo shoot, family time, alone time. We often have our months planned out to a tee(and have played each day in our heads) before it comes. Before the moment comes. And in this case, even once it does, we miss it.

Savour your weekends and treat them like the present that they are. They need not go by so fast if you take the time to be in the moment. To give whatever it is you’re doing your undivided attention. To be more mindful. Our days and moments are what we make of them. Quench each one to live the sweet life.

– Jenny Jen

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One thought on “Much Needed Mini Getaways

  1. Jenny, you are seriously close to me. I live in Ontario… I cottage frequently in Muskoka. We should chat sometime, both of us are blonde, bronzed twenty something chickies!

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