Caught in the Act

Someone keeps using my sugar-free ketchup in my office. I often wonder if they know it’s sugar-free and if they have the same appreciation I have for it. I also wonder if they take an item from the fridge that they know isn’t their’s, and whether or not they wonder whose it is. I wonder whether – each time they squirt the ketchup – if they look up anxiously, hoping they won’t get ‘caught in the act’.

The first time I realized my ketchup was being used, was when I noticed it out on the counter. I thought it was cute that someone else in my seemingly-not-so-health-concious office would bring in a big bottle of the very same feel good ketchup. Past that, I had no thoughts.

The second time I realized my ketchup was being used, was when it was placed in the wrong spot, on the wrong shelf. Before allowing myself to get frustrated, I traced my mind back to past times I was preparing meals at work, to see if I ever used a dressing or condiment that was readily available that didn’t have JEN plastered across it in black writing. When I realized I had not, I placed my ketchup on the proper shelf, and went back to work.

The third time within two weeks that I realized my ketchup was being used, was when I saw someone using it. I fought back making a sarcastic comment, or any comment pertaining to the usuage of my ketchup at all. I bit my tongue as I watched them bite into their fried meal, which was dripping in contrasting healthy ketchup. It was then that the realization hit that they didn’t appreciate the feel good nature of this ketchup. That they were oblivious.

For us ladies who lead and live a healthy lifestyle, we know all too well how important it is to have snacks and prepared meals stored for us at the office. I know many women – such as myself – who bring in the basics at the begining of the work week, so they are readily available to work through, throughout the week. A container of Almond Milk (so as to avoid the office 2% staple), a container of home made salad dressing, lemon juice to add some zest to your lunches, etc. The problem is, since you aren’t always on watch in the kitchen, chances are – here and there – your little novelty items will get eaten, used and abused with no regard.

Your safety net is keeping things at your desk or in your drawers. No Sharpie-markered marked item is safe. Go in with the mindset that what you are putting in the fridge might just be communal, and be ok with it. It’s not worth the hostility and office drama to let it get the best of you, no matter how healthy and appreciated it is or not. And if you don’t want to share your prized possessions, then keep them at home to enjoy and look forward to instead.

I’ll be taking what’s left of my ketchup home tonight, thank you very much.

– Jenny Jen

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