When to Use What Forum

You’re about to run out the door to head to your nine to five, with your BlackBerry/iPhone and Macbook/iPad in tow. You get to the office (checking into Foursquare as you enter the double doors) and sit down at your desk opening your email alongside your other go-to tabs like Twitter and Facebook.

With all these methods to contact the boy in your life, it becomes somewhat confusing choosing whether or not you want to send an email, text/bbm, Facebook private message or direct message via Twitter. All are delivered to the very same phone, so does it really matter which forum you use to send the message? Well little lady, as a matter of fact it does. If you’re not sure how to reach out to your man when a phone call or Skype chat aren’t at your disposal, I today, go over the need to knows to help a confused blonde soul get by.

When to send an email: When you need him to look over a document or something you’re about to send and want his opinion on, when you are forwarding an email delivered from someone else and want to get the words verbatim or, when you want to ask him something but don’t want to put pressure on him to respond immediately.

When not to send an email: When you have a one liner question, comment or sext to be brought to the table.

When to send a text/bbm: This is the perfect delivery service for your sexting needs. It’s direct. It’s private. And if it’s over bbm, you can know that exact moment that he R’s your D. Kinda exciting, no?

When not to send a text/bbm:
When your words can be misinterpretted and when tone is needed to, well, set the tone. The last thing a busy, blonde, bronzed, twentysomething needs is to go back and forth (and back and forth) all day about a message gone misread. If you’re angry, or pissed, give yourself time to cool off, then approach – with caution – via a face-to-facer or a phone call.

When to send a Facebook private message: When you have a link to send him. Facebook does a great way of providing a summary of what the link is and at making it easy to access. Think links to restaurants you want to check out, an article online or perhaps your latest fave YouTube vid.

When not to send a Facebook private message: When you want him to take something seriously. Since notifications usually come to the phone, it’s easy to pick it up when distracted by something else, only to completely forget about it later. Keep it light and of non-pressing subject matter through this realm.

When to send a direct message via Twitter: When you have something (and are able to say it) within 140 characters or less. Preferably when they’ve just Tweeted something because you know dude is on call looking for some feedback or RT’s to come his hopeful way.

When not to send a direct message via Twitter: When it is made up of more than one messages. This is a to-the-point forum and you could easily overwhelm by sending four messages in a row. Less is more, ladies.

– Jenny Jen

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