How to Choose the Right Kinda Woman for your Lady Date

So you want to go out on a lady date and can’t decide which girlfriend of yours is the right one to spend the night with? Picking a lady date is similar to how us blonde, bronzed ladies choose a man to go on a date with. The difference is in our twentysomethings we already know our friends and we know which ones we have a fun time with, which ones remind us of our parents opting for early evenings, and which ones want to spend the whole time talking about themselves. This knowingness will help aid us in our selection. That, and these tips too:

1) One-of-a-Kind: Pick someone who likes the sameish types of restaurants and food as you do and is on the same page in regards to price range. Counting quarters and being precautious is a dealbreaker for me. Think sharing plates and starters and dessert and – dare I say – bottles. You want someone who can make similar selections (and agree with yours) with ease.

2) In Good Company: Find a femme whose company you actually enjoy. Now this may sound obvious, but I know some ladies (I sure hope you’re not one of ’em) who make plans just for the sake of making plans. It’s Saturday night and they need something, anything to do. So they settle as they accept whomever will take them up on their offer. Desperate is something no girl should ever be, but if you must be it (shame on you) do yourself a favour and don’t show it. If your first few pick’s are busy on the night you want the lady date to commence, accept that they can’t make it and have a date night with yourself. Good company and energy can make or break your night and there’s nothing worse than being with someone who so doesn’t want to be there.

3) Mood Lighting: It’s ever so easy for us to categorize our friends. We have the fun one, the loud one, the depressed one, the bitchy one. Down and need a pick me up? Well how abouts’ you call up the fun one? In the mood to take some weight of your shoulders and have an open conversation? Call the good listener one. If you want to create a great lady date, you need to cook it up with the ingredients of the mood you’re craving in order to have a delicious eve.

Once you’ve selected the right kinda woman for your lady date, an actually date needs to be set. We all know Saturday night is by far the most valued real estate date night of the seven day week offer. The thing with Saturday nights is there is nothing on the agenda come morn. Which means, the night is always young. Curfew need not exist. Conversation can run rampant; refills can be rewarded. So if you think your ‘lady love’ is worth it, give her the ‘go-to’ night.

– Jenny Jen



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