Lady Dates

This is not a girls night. I repeat, this is not a girls night. A lady date is a date you set with just one of your female friends, just the two of you for an evening out. Though fun, girls nights are ridden with the trivialness that lady dates lack. There are no arguments about where to go. No arranging carpools. No working around the types of foods that each person eats (and doesn’t eat) when deciding a place, and no working around the schedules of when each ones man is busy (an opportune time to make a plan most coupled-up-cuties know). Instead, the lady date is next to none. It’s classy. It’s calm. It’s intimate. No having to hold back bringing up certain people and no concerning yourself with what to say (an unfortunite reality when out in a grouping of girls all thanks to the politics and drama that made up our earlier years).

Lady dates are refreshing. With neither of our boys within earshot to hear(and take personally) the ever-so-prevalent (and welcomed) ‘history’ subject, us women can gab and chat and analyse and look back at mistakes made and lessons learned with absolutely no judgment. With no reserves. And the lack of reserves aren’t limited to conversations; no one is counting drinks, looking at the clock, or fighting for time to get a sentence (or monologue) in. When I get together with some of my favourite women for the much anticipated lady date, I treat it like a date with my man. I get dolled up, put on a pair of my go-to pumps of the present and go in with an open mind. I don’t rush through dinner, or conversation. I eat it up. I give my undivided attention to the lovely lady sitting across from me and I allow myself to be in the moment.

A girlfriend of mine and I frequent a restaurant and have such a great time together each and every time we go. It has become “our place”. I am so fond of her and her to me that we spend the evening raving about one another to the people we run into (or our servers). The chef at this restaurant told us we “compliment each other well and really ‘work’ together”. There’s something special about sharing a friendship with someone where you can really relish in their attributes instead of allowing yourself to be jealous of them.

Sometimes it’s nice to take a day of from your man, to pass up an offer to go to yet another ladies night and instead hit up one of your besties for a special date just the twos’ of you. Have you ever been on a lady date? If not, stay tuned for tomorrow’s piece on how to choose the right kinda’ woman for your lady date. If so, maybe come on back to see if your asking out the right kinda’ girl.

– Jenny Jen



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