Face Time

Part of the typical twentysomething lifestyle is attending fetes and soirees of all different sorts. It’s as though our weekends are always planned out for us in advance with a mirage of birthdays, engagements, going away parties et al. We guilt ourselves when we don’t attend, and on the opposite end of the spectrum some of us even try to attend ’em all. But with all these ‘priorities’, how can you still manage to fit in some alone time with your partner? What we need to ask ourselves is how much face time must we put in at an event, without looking like a selfish bitch?

I remember being at an event once that – though incredibly fun – I was in an ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’ mind frame and was ready to head out and head back home (cough) with my plus one. When I posed the head nod in the direction of the door to him (perhaps with an accompanied – and telling – wink), I was ever-so-politely reminded that we hadn’t put in the acceptable amount of face time in. And it was a refreshing reminder which I welcomed. So with another couple of drinks alongside another couple of conversations (and some working of the room), I was able to take in the time at the event, all whilst staying for a socially acceptable amount of time, before escaping into what was left of my night. If you – like me – have ever looked forward to something only to get there to be ready to leave, remember that the night is still young, to throw your game face on, and not run off just yet (as per my tips below).

Basic Face Time Tips:

1)Don’t eat and run. That’s tacky, and you’re everything but that. Eat, stay, run. Staying time post food is a good half hour, at least.

2)If dessert is being served at said event, one cannot leave prior to it.

3) If it’s an all night event and everyones drinking, you are entitled to leave after the third round (when people will remember you were there but are at the point where they won’t notice you’ve left).

4) Make your rounds at the beginning, being sure to do the whole ‘kiss kiss’ thing and the whole ‘how are you/fine thanks how are you’ thing with everyone who you were looking forward to seeing/know you must see. Knowing you got it done with at the beginning allows for early and equally acceptable escape time.

5) Face time is irrelevant if you don’t take time to thank the hosts and do some banter on your thoughts on the event and being apart of it and blah, blah, blah. Be a mensch. Say your piece, then peace.

– Jenny Jen



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