Act, Don’t Ask

You want something from him. But you sure well know that if you ask for it, he’ll simply be doing it because, well you asked for it (and not from the bottom of his heart). So, you stay mum and don’t tell the boy what you really want because you want it to come from within, all while you slowly but surely build up some resentment. How pleasant. The girl who doesn’t speak up will never get her way because no one is aware that she wants things a certain way to begin with. Yet the girl who says it just how she wants it all the time, doesn’t feel fulfilled when she gets what she wants because she feels like she’s just be humoured. So what do you do if you want something to adjust in your relationship? Well, it’s as easy as making the changes yourself. It’s easy for us to use our words, especially with texting and BBM these days. We can – without the pressure of face to face – ask for what we want without having to deal getting up the courage to do so, as we hide behind our phones. But how about we just set an example?

Ever observe little kids who shadow their parents? Such is the case with other relationships, including the one you share with your partner. We tend to automatically follow suit when our partner acts a certain way. Instead of using your words to get your needs met, instead use your actions. Want the boy to be more touchy? Touch him more. Want him to share his feelings with you? Share yours.

We often have expectations that others don’t know need to be met. The idea of doing, and not saying, results in more genuine actions.

– Jenny Jen



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