We’ve all been there. We are in there’s-nothing-else-going-on-in-the-world bliss with our new dude and things are so right – almost too right – that we wonder if there is (or ever can be) any wrong. And then, at one moment or another, we see it. It being a sweet something from his ex, that she likely gave him once this phase lasted six or more months (the pinnacle time to determine whether a relationship is real or not). And it is in that moment that we have the ultimate opportunity to decide what we choose to make of it. Do we want to a) let it roll off our shoulders, unaffected as if it’s not even there or, do we b) allow ourselves to obssess about it, and her, and them as a we? Before my twentysomethings (and perhaps at the early stages of them) I’d do the latter, but as a twentysomething woman I am a proud doer of the former. And I do it with such an ease that we should all encompass as adults.

People have pasts. You do. He does. Everyone does. Just because you have been in love with others before, doesn’t mean you like (or love) your current partner any less. How easy it is for us to live in our imaginations – they house thoughts that we create which often don’t have any truth behind them. We allow these thoughts to grow and develop and then see them as truths. If he still has x from his ex lying around, it must mean either he wants to get back with her/isn’t over her/is holding on to her, etc. But these thoughts don’t do you any good. He is with you now and the only effect his past has in your present is the experience he’s learned from it. Let’s not take something that has absolutely nothing to do with us and make it about ourselves. How narcissistic is that?

I remember at age 19 seeing a cutesy note in my boyfriend (at the times) room. I read it. And then I read it again. And then again. And again. It was sweet, thoughtful and I allowed her words to effect the ones in my head. Her being his ex. I told myself – and created for myself – a story of how happy they were together and how I thought he wouldn’t ever get to that happy place where we could write these notes to each another. This one note I saw was so often on my mind, and when I thought of it I felt sad as I mistakingly told myself I’d never live up to her. Unable to deal with the stories that came from this one note in my obsessive blonde head, I regretfully asked (read made) him throw it out. How crazy of me. How crazy of him to do it. His past isn’t mine to take away.

As I grew up and went through a break up on my own I began to realize that – though I had a wonderful relationship with a man who I once loved and will always respect – these people and memories and feelings stay in the past and have no impact on my current ones. We are ever growing and with a new day comes new lessons and people and things that are important to us. At the time, he (and my other exes) were right for me and I will always appreciate what we had and experienced together with a smile on my face (even for the bad times – since they allowed me to grow and develop and build the strength to be the me I am today). But I’m not still in love with them and just because I may have a few t-shirts and cards and little memorabilia pieces laying around from them doesn’t take away from – or have anything to do with – my present. My now.

You know you keep these things somewhere, it only makes sense he would too. The funny thing is, when we leave things lying around it’s likely because we are oblivious to them, since we ourselves are so unaffected by them. In fact I can think of a Tiffany & Co. card I have on my vanity, just because its a cute image on the card, and has been there since I was with my past partner. Until this moment it didn’t even strike me to move it into a box-o-past. So store things somewhere, don’t rid yourself of them and what they once meant because that was once part of your life and you’re entitled to those moments. And be damned well sure if you come across something at your current man’s place, not to judge it but instead to appreciate that this past of his allows him to be where he is now, with you. A couple of my exes have a filing cabinet where a Jen file lies, within which my little notes, letters of love and cards lie. May they rest in peace.

– Jenny Jen



2 thoughts on “Unaffected

  1. I like having special little mementos from happy times in my life, I wish I hadn't been so bothered by previous boyfriend's mementos. Looking back it seems so silly how upset that sort of thing used to make me feel. I'm glad I don't feel that way anymore

  2. Love this post lady! Definitely spoke to me today…sometimes I try to focus too much on THEIR past that I forget to just go with the flow and enjoy the present. The past is the past and there is a reason it ended… so make the new stuff all about u + him + a totally different situation that's incomparable to anything else… : ) Need to remind myself of that sometimes

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