In Hiding

A villian.

It often seems that we are our own worst enemy. We look into things (that don’t deserve looking into), we let ourselves feel guilt (when it’s unwarranted and completely a cause of our thoughts), we take others’ words for more than they are worth (looking at the negative ones, while avoiding the positive reinforcement elsewhere) and we in turn flip our flashy, flirty smiles into faithless, frowns, as we fear our negative energy will be ferociously forced upon others, like a chill on a cold, sharp day.

So what do we do? We isolate. We ignore our phones. We are snappy with others. We say things we regret. We regret we thought them in the first place. We become another. We hope to fall asleep to wake up back to our boisterous blonde selves. But having had isolated, and taking those steps backwards from our so called lives, we don’t do ourselves good. We don’t set ourselves up for the best is yet to come-type things. Because isolation is just that. It is passive aggressive. It doesn’t target the core of the issue of what is going on in our pretty little heads. And, do you not know what happens when you run, hide, silence yourself (for fear and assumption that others won’t appreciate, agree or understand your thoughts)? You develop just a little bit more tension. Just a little bit more distance. Just a little bit more caution in what you say and do and see.

As the author of your own life, choose instead to make yourself the protagonist. I assure you once you do, you’ll find it a story worth reading.

– Jenny Jen



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