Give it to Me

The words ‘too much’ often have a negative connotation. Too much eating, bad. Too much drinking, sloppy. Too much worrying, obsessive. Too much sex, pleasurable. Wait, that’s not a bad word. Yet they say everything in moderation. It got me to thinking, could there be an exception to the rule? Can there ever be something as too much rough riding, tongue touching, hair grabbing good times?

We live in a world of wanting. And wanting right now. We want the new iPhone, we want a new apartment, we want new boyfriends, we want new hair colours (and when we can’t decide just which one we want, we call it ombre). We want and want and want and our appetites seem to be ever-growing and less easily filled as they once were.

In a world where too much is never enough, how do we know when to cut back and when to give in to our lustrous little ways? So long as your partner is on the same page, all is fair in love and war. If your partner can’t manage your upkeep and pressure is persued, that often causes people to stray. If you don’t have a partner and are (like sailor) opening up shop for all to come, play safe, be trustworthy and don’t put yourself in situations you can’t be responsible for.

I spoke to a friend about the number of partners she bedded and though I was a bit shocked that one could hit so many home runs and not don the name Alex Rodriguez, I realized that she can have her RBI number because it brings her as much joy as it would a hall of famer player. But she has hit those balls with a grain of salt, with knowing that if people found out about her trades and base stealing, that she’d have to suffer the consequences.

– Jenny Jen


2 thoughts on “Give it to Me

  1. Some consequences are (but aren't limited to):- having to deal with labels (such as 'slut' and the other usual suspects)- having people know your business, even when you don't kiss and tell- having people be intimidated or uncomfortable with your experience and feeling threatened by it- being judged

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