A New Year, A Not So New You?

‘Happy New Year’ a fellow twentysomethings’ bbm status (still) boasts, a sad reminder that we are only 16 days into the new year, yet still failed to follow through on our resolutions. While many people think ‘Oh well, next year’, I instead have decided that the mid-month of January will be my new January 1st. That I won’t put off things that I know will make me live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. Because we all know it is one thing to say something, but the pride and fulfillment comes from actually following through on our words.

I find we often fall down a slippery slope, giving ourselves a hard time for not following through on little issues we wish we would. Like filing that pile of ever-waiting receipts piling up on our desks at home, or working out at the very same time on a regemented schedule by-daily. But that hard time we give ourselves stunts us from moving forward. The same way us women eat one bad thing and then make poor eating decisions the rest of the day because ‘we already ruined it’. Think about a smoker who has (or is trying to) quit. If they have a butt and say ‘Ah well, I already had one anyways’, having and completing a pack that day doesn’t make it better. In fact, the person is worse off.

It is ok to give in to things. It is ok to venture off from the idea of what we expected from ourselves (within reason), however, under no circumstances is it ok to just drop the things and resolutions and wishes you want for a better you. So for my readers who feel like you have failed yourself, it’s never too late to start anew. When my yoga studio offered a 15-day hot yoga challenge starting mid-month, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to give myself that fresh start I wanted, one sweat at a time. Instead of setting a future date and tomorrowing everything, I’d rather start today. Join me, bitches.

– Jenny Jen



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