Shower Hour

The guy you’re dating is about to hop in the shower, as you grab your belongings that are scattered across the floor (and the bottom of the bed) a tempting thought comes into your blonde, bronzed mind. ‘Maybe I’ll join him’, you think to yourself as you get out of bed and head over to the bathroom, your already nude body gliding into the shower.

There’s nothing like showering with a guy. Firstly, you save water. Who doesn’t love that? Secondly, you can actually hit those hard to reach places (ie: your upper back) and get a good lather. How convenient. Thirdly, if you’re showering at his place and using his toiletries, you just might so happen to find an amazing conditioner that maybe you wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Hypothetically that is. There’s something intimate about this place that usually houses just you. Remember when you were a child how you looked forward to bath-time? This is the twentysomething version.

So how long should you wait before you bare all in the shower with a new dude? I’m never one for rules and numbers and timing, but instead, for whatever seems natural. I think more-so often than not we think we have to wait til a certain point, the waiting making for too much forethought making the inevitable foreplay simply, well, forced. The shower is a place where it’s ok to get dirty.

Just be cautious of the following things if you dare to bare with your man:

1) Someones going to be cold. It may be you. It may be him. It may interchange dependent on who is under the running water at which point. Be prepared for a bit of a chill.

2) He’s tall, she’s pint sized. If this is the case, things don’t ‘line up’ per se. Another option in this case is performing on each other instead, though that alludes to potential drowning. Cough, cough.

3) Make sure he has conditioner and a hair brush before getting your hair wet. Though tough to avoid the water, we need not think so in the moment, as if our blonde lockes don’t get matted (and dried out) as all hell without the right tools.

4) Make sure he has the strength to hold you up. We don’t want to end this shower-time sexfest with a trip to the emergency room. I’ve heard of slips and falls that have leant bruises to the best of them.

Now I don’t want to discourage the shower. The above are merely need-to-knows. The shower acts as a refreshing backdrop to the typical bed/couch/work-desk. Treat your man to a head massage as you shampoo his hair, and have him do the same to you. Make-out under the water, and never, ever hold onto the shower curtain. Bad news.

– Jenny Jen



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