For Those Who Smile at Their Phones

You sit at your desk, power suit on, answering the phone and for a lack of other words, getting shit done. Out of the corner of your baby blue’s you notice the red flash. For a second you think maybe it isn’t really flashing and it may just be wishful thinking (read ghost vibrations), so you look again and a smile forms across your bronzed face when you realize you saw red. A message alert is a sure sign that someone, somewhere is thinking about you. So you put your work aside for but a moment, and review the incoming message, giggling aloud to yourself, smug look et al.

You’re a social media girl living in a social media world. From bbm to emailing to Tweeting and 4squaring you are a girl who manages to upkeep all things happening when you can’t be there to experience them. Mid-day flirtations, to full on hardcore sexts, to friendly catch-me-ups with friends long distance, upkeep through your phone is the way to make the work day go by. Oh and doing at least some work, of course.

I walk past and run into people all the time, staring down at their phone in their palm, and can tell just by the look on their face what might be going on. So, when indulging in some fun on phone behaviour in the office, be sure to be aware, have your game face on, but always remember – if your energy is good – radiate it for the taking. You may just make a few fellow co-workers a bit jealous. And what blonde, bronzed, twentysomething doesn’t like a dose of jealousy?

– Jenny Jen

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One thought on “For Those Who Smile at Their Phones

  1. I love it! I actually have a chime on my phone that isn't loud or noticeable (and my office is cell phone friendly) so occasionally I'll be down the hall and hear the chime and no matter what I was talking about I smile 🙂

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