Man Down

How often we scroll up and down our BlackBerry friends list in our phones, looking at peoples names, checking out their updated images, debating whether to message them or not when in dire need of entertainment in a moment of blonde, bronzed, boredom. We look at this list so often that we know exactly how many friends we have. Which is great, except for when we look at that number and notice we’re one man down.

Has someone ever deleted you from their BlackBerry list? And when you – after racking your brain at who it might be – realize who got rid of your fine ass on bbm, do you contact them as curious as ever, or do you let it be?

Now I’m not referring to being deleted in a midst of the throes of passion when you’re deleting someone to make a point or vice versa (ie: immediately following a break up). Instead, I’m referring to the delete that comes so seemingly out of nowhere that you have to investigate and over analyze your now-shortened friends list to find out who the culprit is.

When you find out who it is, it’s often interesting to think of what the reason behind the delete may be. Here are some common twentysomething reasons for the delete:

1) An ex. They don’t want to be reminded of you every time they do the friends scroll that they delete you to prevent themselves from messaging you on a drunk night out.

2) A jealous boyfriend. Perhaps it’s a guy you once had a thing with and maybe he has a new boyfriend who isn’t so cool with the fact that he has you on his list. We all know those crazy ultimatums we give, perhaps she made him delete you threatening to delete him if he

3) Spring Cleaning. Perhaps the person was going through the I-don’t-need-people-on-here-I-don’t-talk-to phase. We’ve all been there (hello, Facebook friend removals) so don’t take it personally. Espesh if the only time you two engaged in some good on back and forth banter was only the day you added one another.

4) New Phone. Not as common since people back up lists or don’t disappear if they merely get a new phone, but there could be the chance that they don’t back up their phone, replaced their BB and therefore didn’t have their list saved to re-add you.

5) Peace out. They don’t want nothing to do with you. Sometimes ladies, someone just wants to rid you from their life. Bad blood, a bad impression, an action of yours taken the wrong way. Either way, this person intentionally removed you from their phone; a passive aggressive way from removing you from their life all in the same.

If someone finds you deletable, and you want to call them out on their shenanigans, proceed with caution. Subtly make mention of the removal, hear their response and leave it at that. Perhaps it might just be a blessing in disguise.

– Jenny Jen



2 thoughts on “Man Down

  1. Oh the case of the deletes. I don't know if I've ever been deleted, but I've definitely done lots of deleting so a.) I wouldn't text someone by accident when drunk or b.) so I could forget about a past love interest. Sometimes you just have to press the delete button. I miss you Jen! Catch up soon : ) Mailing out book this week!

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