Heart on Your Sleeve

Like any girly girl would, I love things with hearts. I have heart shaped ice trays, a heart on some of my more cutesy undergarments, heart rings and (on occasion) make heart shaped cookies. The one place I often don’t have a heart on however, is my sleeve. Which is why – over an intimate conversation – I realized how so many of us hide behind our own true selves only dropping that self-protective mask when faced with the harsh truth that this ‘act’ may in fact be the cause of our own demise. When our backs are abruptly pushed against the wall we have one of two decisions: we can push back, force against force (a clear no-win situation) or we can allow that pressure to press that seemingly hidden button that allows our heart to leap out of our chests for all to see.

Getting hurt sucks. Being open and honest breeds vulnerability and who in their right mind would want to be vulnerable? To be vulnerable is to share our wounds and innermost thoughts. And what if we share those and show our true selves to someone and that someone in turn takes that vulnerability for granted? Talk about heartless. So how do we know when it’s worth it to share and when it’s worth it – in the name of self protection – to back off?

If you’re in a moment and you know you’re being intimate with your thoughts and feelings but are comfortable and confident that what you are saying is true to you, sharing it with another will allow more light and love into your life. So if that’s the case, take the leap. However, once you start concerning yourself with questioning things and saying the right words, you’re already ridden by the concern of judgment and that lack of ingenuity might shine through. If instead you are going to just go for it, take off that mask, expose yourself and let be what is meant to be.

An interesting thing happens when we openly share and expose ourselves to our partners; they in turn work off that comfort, intimacy and openess and open up in return.

– Jenny Jen



One thought on “Heart on Your Sleeve

  1. Perfect advice 🙂 I will definitely remember this as I continue full swing into relationships and the dating world! Thank you!

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