Top 4 Reasons ‘The Leave Behind’ Fails

I wrote an article today for Daily XY (a men’s publication) on why us ladies do the good ‘ol leave behind (see article here). I thought they deserved a little insight into the female psyche (as if they’ll ever figure us out anyways). It got me to thinking that – though a standard procedure when girl likes boy – there are certain times when one ought not leave any item behind. Not even an accidentle mark from the night befores’ eye liner on his stark, white pillow case.

These times include (but aren’t limited to):

1) When the guy lives at his parents place. You don’t want his mom finding your sunglasses, your bracelet, or your sweater with a heart sewn on the sleeve for that matter.

2) When the guy has a significant other. You’re already showing a lack of respect honey, do you really need to celebrate it?

3) When his cleaning lady is coming the next day. You know lady is gonna clean up and tuck it away somewhere to never be found again.

5) When you don’t have the chutzpa to get it back. Grade 10, got 100% (that’s an A+ ladies) on a photography assignment I took an entire month to put together. I went to a boys after school and decided to leave said assignment in his den so he’d sorta, kinda have to see me again (in case he didn’t want to, I was assuring myself – so I thought – that he’d call me to tell me I left my assignment there). Wrong. To this day I dream about how I’d display my photographic work, and how silly I was to leave behind something I wasn’t willing to give up.

– Jenny Jen

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