A Hot Date

I had a hot date last night. It went surprisingly well. Better than I had expected. Better than most. I got a bouquet of flowers picked so well that it complimented my bedroom colour scheme. I took a moment to breath in the scent of the flowers and felt a smile overcome my face. It had been so long since someone had bought me flowers. I realized just how special this person was for treating me so well.

The date was a stay at home dinner. A healthy, colourful meal of nutritious foods that hit the spot, as jazz music echoed in the background. I didn’t talk at all. I just took in each bite of food, letting the flavours show up as they did. Savouring, while I took sips from a tall, frosted cup filled with a fresh smoothie made of only fruits. It’s been a while I’ve been treated so well. The food (and time that went into preparing it) made me feel so grateful for it. As I cut the flowers putting them in the perfect vase, I carried them down to the bedroom, careful to keep my balance.

As I lit my two candles on either side of my television, and a third decorative one to the left, I dimmed the lights and hopped into my all white bed. As the scent of incense filled the bedroom, I felt so appreciative of this date night. See that’s the thing when you take the time to pencil in a date with yourself. You get the opportunity to indulge in you. To take the time to enjoy each present moment, as opposed to rushing through it to get to the next thing.

I knew it was time for me to have a date night with myself, and I’m glowing today because of it. There was no disappointment. No change of plans. There was no questioning what to do next or have my mood be affected by someone elses. I savoured each breath and each moment I had last night. I finally turned on the television and ordered Eat, Pray, Love on the TV. I let myself be myself by watching it which – not gonna lie – resulted in some loosely flowing tears of happiness and of empathy in a handful of the scenes. And I felt whole.

Whether you are dating someone, married, single and especially if you’re in a ‘it’s complicated’ type of relationship, dare to turn up the silence and treat yourself to a date with yourself. Turn your phone on silent, lock away the keys to your computer. Plan an evening to do your favourite things; to bond with yourself. We spend so much of our lives pushing ourselves aside. I say build a shrine of everything you and allow it to remind you how wonderful you really are.

– Jenny Jen


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