Makeup Sex

If you’ve never had makeup sex, then I encourage you to get in a fight with your partner and try it out. Seriously. Get mad over something little, bring up all the other unresolved issues that you use this little thing as a cover for, go at it and then, well, go at it.

The thing with makeup sex is twofold:

1) First, it feels so wrong: How – after just having been so mad at this person, as well as angry and hurt to such a degree that you wish you never met them – could you now be pleasuring them, bringing them the ultimate joy in an intimate way creating bonding? Shouldn’t you be standing your ground or ignoring them or taking some space apart to send the message home? Well, maybe. But that’s what makes the post shout sex sesh all that more steamy. How wrong. But how right. And then magically, the problem (what problem?) gone.
2) There is so much energy, inner aggression, feelings that emerged within you, that needs to be released and reversed into a positive, euphoric-like feel. How negative the world would be to have you going about the rest of your day ridden by anger. To release it is to start a fresh.

Lovey dovey we-hate-to-fight couples have favourites in terms of naughty sex. Some like it drunk, some like it high, and others get off on some good old aggression. What comes with makeup sex is an energy. Like a new move, it adds a twist to the normal routine. It’s spicy. It’s hitting two birds with one heart-shaped stone. And most importantly, it shouldn’t be questioned. Don’t ask if your partner wants to engage in it. Don’t lead into it with a conversation. Makeup sex only works when it happens in the moment. You don’t plan it, you go at it. The less words the better.

Lastly, you are not a bad person for doing it post fight. They call it makeup sex for a reason and it is a widely respectable bedroom event. In fact, based on the couples I know, it seems that they are more so inclined to hook up with their partner immediately following a fight. They were just so vulnerable showing their inner feelings, insecurities and hurt and with makeup sex comes the knowledge that though there is some bad in you, someone still loves, see’s and appreciates the good. It reinforces a sense of togetherness that is needed more so after a fight than any other exchange between you two. Now go get screaming ladies (mind the pun).

– Jenny Jen



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