Sober Sightings

A very interesting thing happens when you decide to cut your frenemie ‘alcohol’ out of your life (or just your night). You begin to see things from a completely different perspective. You have self control. You begin to see situations for what they really are and not how you sorta remembered them to be (ish). It’s as if you are in a room with the lights on brightly, yet everyone else see’s the lighting as dim. You see it all and it’s this sight that you yourself fear. You fear it because that was once you. Getting friendlier and flirtyer as the night progressed. Divulging more information and acting on inhibitions you would dare not to expose if sober. That you (more so often than not) would regret.

I watched in like a notable onlooker, suddenly so aware of people’s words, actions, angers and aggressions. ‘How do they not see it?’ I wondered from the sidelines. The alcohol abuse. The need to continue after the third drink, though the three would do them good, likely lasting them the eve. The need to partake in a facade. To escape. What are we all running from?

Alcohol and ‘nights out with the girls’ need not always be like this, but in our twentysomethings, it’s how they do. Everyone has their own wants and hopes when embarking on a night out. I’m not against drinking, nor am I against having a good time, but I am against the reason many of us do it. It lacks a justification. It lacks integrity. A boy who once played a role in my life would complain each time he went for a night out that he ‘hates all these people’ and finds it annoying to be fake. The next morning he’d complain of headaches, a mistake made (a lost phone perhaps?) and would waste the day away in bed, when all he craved in his life was more time. How frustrating to me it is to know that those are clear signs this person should re-evaluate his thoughts on still loving and needing to go out.

When you become more aware, when you look at yourself, your actions, and make a judgement according to what you see, you’re creating change and inviting light back into your life. We so often complain about issues and problems that we in fact create ourselves. A reminder then I must give, that we can also end it. Take a moment to look at yourself. Do you like the you that’s looking back?

– Jenny Jen



3 thoughts on “Sober Sightings

  1. Jen—I don't drink more than once a month and when i do, it's a glass of wine with dinner. Sometimes 2 months goes by and I haven't had a drink.I just don't really care for it…I don't love the taste and I have a low tolerance so even 2-3 drinks can turn into a nightmare where I'm sick ALL night long.I see what happens when other people abuse alcohol and it's really sad because it makes me lose respect for people especially if they make poor choices like drinking and driving. It's one thing to enjoy a couple of glasses with dinner—and quite another to down 5 vodka cranberries at a club. I like to be sober and aware of what's happening—and I also am outgoing enough to not "need" alcohol to have a good time. Great piece!

  2. I rarely drink anymore and I've become so aware of the effects of it. I recently had a conversation with someone who admitted they love to party and wants to be careless. A part of me felt sad for them and wished he'd be more aware.`

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