An Empty Fridge is an Empty Man

I was recently at a guys place and was a bit disappointed when I opened his fridge in hopes to fill my hunger pains. A container of margarine, an old apple and a 2L bottle of Tropicana orange juice, hardly filled the very empty fridge. The disappointment I felt had more to do with him than with me. I instantly made the correlation between an empty fridge and an empty man. Harsh? Read on:

If this guy doesn’t make the time to go grocery shopping and doesn’t take the time to prepare his lunches, this suggests he’s a lazy man. And if it was just once or twice, that would be one thing, but since I’ve known him, he’s donned an empty fridge, and freezer filled with frozen bagels (which I’ve been told are given to him by his mom). Not only taking but making the time to take care of one’s health, to make and pack meals and snacks for the workday and to manage money in a way where it isn’t being thrown (and blown) away on take-out food, is an appealing thing.

Show me a man with a fridge filled with colourful, cut up fruit, veggies, fresh milk (preferably soy or almond) and fresh meat, and a man with an empty fridge and a cupboard filled with rice, pasta, and mac and cheese boxes, and I’d certainly choose the former.

Living a nutritious lifestyle is important for twentysomethings. How easy it is to not take the time to attend to ourselves and our needs, and to use meals as an excuse to socialize. But spending money and calories on food that isn’t whole or wholesome in the name of laziness and lack of knowledge on what it takes to live and lead a healthy lifestyle is really quite unfortunate. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means a health junkie and I don’t want to date a guy who is obsessive about what he eats, however I think us women tend to be more interested in a man that can take care of himself. Plus, when hosting us (or others) he should know better to always have a bottle of wine, some fruits or some snacks chilling on hand as a ‘just in case.’

A good thing to keep in mind: If I walked into your apartment with a camera, and the team over at Cribs and we asked to look in your fridge, would you be embarrassed? If so, why wait and put off your fridge makeover? Get started now.

– Jenny Jen

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