Here I Am

So I intentionally didn’t blog yesterday, as an excuse to keep my ‘I’m Doing Me‘ post up on my main page. Not only did this specific post receive more hits than any other post in it’s first day on my blog, but I received numerous emails about how ‘deep’ this specific piece was, how much it has helped you the readers, and other pats of the back I won’t discuss for fear of coming off as a little too self-indulgent.

Some days I’m deeper than others. I love to have fun and let my stories carry me away to help you out with whatever it is you’re going through in your complicated love life which somehow leads you here. In turn, they are cathartic for me, allowing me to put my thoughts into words in a pen on paper kind of way. Deep down I’m a hopeless romantic and I have a big heart. And when I feel passionately about something I know that words sometimes aren’t enough. So my actions will follow after I press ‘publish post’, but how fulfilling it is to get such great feedback from all of you blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings out there.

I’ve been having what some might call a deep week, made up of ingredients such as insight and reflection, both which can be nourishing if the intake is done in moderation. This has caused for me to look at things from a new perspective, with eyes grown tired of the same patterns. Have you not caught yourself acting on auto-pilot many a times, when you know you have the tools to drive all on your own in new ways? How easy it is to do as we do, without taking a step back to be more mindful.

“The way to control the results you get is by controlling the causes you create”.

I have many “I want” statements. I know it. I’m aware, and that’s just me. Here I am. But the problem with ‘I want’s’ is that they often lead room for disappointment. Hereon-in I want to keep wanting (because wants act as great motivators) but I promise to go easy, to not force immediacy, to let things be and allow them work out as they will, without trying to change them or run from them out of insecurity or impatience.

We all must be conscious of the role we play in the scenarios we’re a part of. They say it takes two to tango, so what type of steps do we take in the dance of the heart, and what type of effect do they have on the rhythm of this dance?

– Jenny Jen



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