To the Core

How hard it is for us to just say what we think, share how we feel, and let it all show. Vulnerability is not a comfortable way to be, but when we are able to embrace it, we are showing who we are down to the core.

We hide ourselves behind expensive suits and outfits, titles and positions. Homes that boast the perfect furniture. We say things that are deemed ‘appropriate’ and if we think someone isn’t so into us, we often put up a shield, to protect ourselves, to hide behind.

So what happens when you just admit it?

– Jenny Jen


4 thoughts on “To the Core

  1. I love this post. It inspired me to take a chance & tell someone exactly how I felt, regardless of the outcome. There's something to be said for vulnerability and authenticity. Thx for this!

  2. I read your blog every day. I read most of it in one night and have been following since. I love your writing and honesty.I made the mistake of letting someone go long ago. I knew he was meant for me but I was too afraid of the change it would take to be together. I finally gave in to my heart and contacted him after 4 years of no communication. I decided that any consequence would be worth it if I got him back. I never knew but to his family I was known as the one who got away. He cut off the casual relationship he was in and I moved to be with him. We have been together since and are getting married. His family is amazing and very happy we are together. They told me stories of how much he loved me and how much I have always meant to him. They knew I was the one too! I thank The Lord every day for blessing me with my best friend.Some risks are worth taking 🙂

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