27 Things That I Know Now

27 Thing’s that I know now:

1) Giving is better than getting. You get when you give, by just seeing someone else’s happiness.

2) Sharing emotions doesn’t make one weak, instead it shows how strong they are (as they have the willingness to be vulnerable).

3) When I feel great, you look better.

4) Confidence is the best accessory to any outfit.

5) You get what you give. Energy is contagious. What type of energy are you giving?

6) To truly love, one must have an acceptance, believe in and, love oneself.

7) Chemistry far outweighs logic and pragmality when it comes to finding a compatible partner.

8) I am what I eat. When I eat healthy, my lifestyle follows suit.

9) Dress well, feel good. Dress down, motivation depletes.

10) You know what you want before you ask a friend to help you make a decision. Better to give in to what you want, to avoid obsessing over it over time and giving your self guilt.

11) When someone compliments you, it says more about them than it does you.

12) Speak up. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to compromise or get what you want when you solely express it.

13) Doctors should write prescriptions for yoga to all my past (and potentially future) partners.

14) We put up with almost anything for the sake of comfort.

15) When you can look at a picture of an ex with his new girl and genuinely think ‘she’s better for him than me’ your doing alright for yourself.

16) If your actions aren’t for any other response other than your own inner pleasure and peace, you are whole.

17) Serendipitus-like events make decision making oh-so-easy.

18) True friends are ones you don’t have to walk on egg shells around.

19) If the mice don’t play when the cat’s away, you’ve found yourself hit by cupid’s heart shaped arrow.

20) Hindsight is a dime a dozen.

21) Things that beg to be explained lose their lustre.

22) “Too Late” is but an excuse. Always.

23) Making eye contact is riveting. More is said with the eyes than even a charmer can say with words.

24) Less is more.

25) Being aware of ones shortcomings allows for change. Eventually.

26) Routine breeds clarity.

27) I fall asleep and wake up with hope on my side every night and day (literally and figuratively, as my teddy bear’s name is Hope).

– Jenny Jen



4 thoughts on “27 Things That I Know Now

  1. I love this! Great post Jen… I especially like #3, #6 and #13. It's wonderful how we learn something new every day, and how much we can learn from others. Keep blogging and being your wonderful self! xoxo, Rachel

  2. It is amazing when someone I don`t know at all (you), you having an unknown life experience to me, me being a man… and yet you expressing such a deep understanding, as a consequence of love and life lived, which I immediately relate to as if it was from myself… THANKS! very much.

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