Tips Twentysomethings Can Learn From Soap Opera’s

So I’m home sick in bed, which – though unfortunate – lends me some time to watch soap operas! Yes, exclamation mark is right. Growing up, my mom watched One Life To Live, and needing a partner in crime to gossip about the latest happenings and scandals in Llanview, she would tape (yes tape) each and every episode so we could watch them together when I got home from school. Now hows about that for some mother/daughter bonding?

Needless to say, I’ve grown up with all the “younger” characters on the show, as I’ve watched it for about twenty years (younger is in quotes because we are likely similar in age). But nowadays getting the ‘privilege’ – this soap boasts of many twentysomething story lines and has a guy you might know by the name of Snoop Dogg as a loyal fan – to watch one of the few shows I actually watch, has come few and far between. The reason? Days at the office, and the fact that I retired my VCR and for some odd reason don’t own a PVR (weird for a girl like me, yeah?)

But alas, here I lay in my plush white bed, 55″ TV boasting a steamy sex scene. Ok not so “steamy” but more push-the-envelope-hot. And it is in this moment that I realize, OLTL can easily replace this months issue of Cosmo. And why is that? Because this scene is realistic, and I’m a visual learner anyways (wink, wink). This scene isn’t over-the-top cliche cheesy with I love you’s muttered over candlelight, but instead, girl is wearing a long-sleeved dress with a zipper that goes from the cleavage down the the bottom of the fitted, short dress. Genious, right? And not only that, but this goes hand in manicured hand with my suggestion on how to look sexy without overdoing it in yesterdays post.

So what did I do come commercial break, well, I did a Google search for these kinds of dresses, fancy that!

Here are three dresses – all available for online purchase – for you to invest in.

1) Kimichi Blu Satin & Lace Dress. US $69. Available at

2) MICHAEL Michael Kors Metallic Crocodile-Print Dress. US $150. Available at

3) Sachin + Babi Karolina Dress. US $425. Available at

And there you have it, soap operas (minus the drama and ongoing plots) can actually offer you some tips and tricks of the trade. When I think back to the first time I heard about love making (which I now just call sex), it was from OLTL. In fact, I think Blair’s (Kassie DePaiva’s) scenes made me a little more adventurous and risque behind closed doors (minus the cameras). Who knew soap operas can give you some tips and tricks?

Oh and I just realized that I am the (now) proud owner of two front-zip dresses of my own. A grey dress from Holt Renfrew, and a black “leather” strapless from H&M, which I wore last year on my birthday and my mans birthday consecutively. Ironic?

Exhibit A:

Happy unzipping, ladies.

– Jenny Jen



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