How To Not Look Like a You Know What

A reader of mine was curious about the message she sends when she wears – what she thinks are – hot as hell outfits for a night out. This blonde, bronzed, twentysomething is a fashionista with her own flare for owning her look. This weekend, she tells me she wore a pair of leather shorts, with thigh high tights. She knew that this little number would be a head turner, but after a lack of compliments, wonders if it was for the wrong reasons.

Oozing sex. Pouring out of fitted tops, and itty-bitty bottoms, showing a whole lotta leg, a whole lotta back, and wearing see thru tops with nothing but a bandeau to cover your headlights, are all ways we flaunt our confidence in our twentysomethings. A look through friends of yours most recently updated Facebook albums, and your certain to spot all of the above looks. So why, pray tell, is this a problem? Everyone is doing it.

Well first and foremost, it leaves nothing to the imagination. And though we may get the look of jealous approval from other women who wish they looked just as hot in that same American Apparel leotard, for each girl that thinks that, there are two guys who think otherwise. They instead wonder why you’re trying so hard, and wished you’d be a little more subtle. Think: leaving a little something to the imagination.

I get it, when we dress ‘hot’ we feel ‘hot’, so when we know we have killer legs, and we show them off for a night out, we wear every womans best accessory, confidence. So why is our guy not so pleased? I’ll tell you why – because he already knows you have a hot little body and doesn’t need to be reminded by barely there outfits. Nor does he need other guys thinking you need mass amounts of attention, and just how tight your ass is, etc. I used to own a pair of look-at-me, fitted, sequinned shorts that my man forbid me from wearing. I thought it was because he didn’t want other guys looking at me. I remember wearing them out one weekend when he was out of town, and looking back I now know why he had a strong opinion about them: plain and simple, they were totally slutty. Since I write fashion pieces as well as relationship ones, I thought I’d put together this list for all you carelessly clad ladies.

How to dress tastefully if you have a plus one:

1) Show some tit: There’s nothing wrong with a little cleavage. In fact, if your rack is your prized possession, I say wear a fitted low shirt and be proud of those tatas, just be sure to wear long sleeves and keeps those legs covered to compensate.

2) Choose your weapon: Imagine your playing a video game, where you get one weapon and one weapon only to go for the kill. Whether it’s your toned back, your midriff, your legs, etc, choose the one asset you want to feature and cover everything else.

3) Don’t talk about it, wear it: Don’t fish for compliments; don’t ask your man and friends how you look and is the outfit too tight, etc. Let your outfit do the talking and you just worry about the walking. When you put so much focus on the details of your wardrobe, it loses that je ne sais quoi that you’re going after in the first place.

– Jenny Jen



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