Cheap Dates (Guys, not Date Ideas)

If you’ve ever dated a penny-pincher, you know that there is nothing more mortifying. You’ve likely seen it all, from stopping off to get snacks on the way to the movie theatre (since theatre prices are known for being jacked up), to him asking you to fit said snacks into your MiuMiu handbag – hello? The last thing I want is the sugar from the sour patch kids all over my prized-possesion. Let alone, having bits and pieces of said sugar making appearances on all my stuff for a week. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you can’t splurge and spend the excess .75 cents on the sour patch kids, maybe we shouldn’t be going to a movie at all.

Yesterday I blogged about ‘Dating rule #1‘, which is to never go on a first date at the guys house. Laughter emerged from my readers, most who agreed off-the-bat that an in home suggestion a date does not make.

What also emerges, is this haunting idea of stingyness.

So, Dating Rule #2: Do not date a stingy man

My manicurist once told me, the worst kind of man to date is a stingy man. Not because we are gold-digging ho’s, but because stingyness with money reflects stingyness in other areas. Like the guy who doesn’t want you to have the last bagel, the last glass of wine, the last piece of gum…you catch my drift.

It was no surprise that a fellow blonde, bronzed, twentysomething friend of mine denied a dude a date after he suggested they meet for lunch – wait for it – at the food court of a mall near her office. ‘Guy’s don’t really do that’, you say to yourself as you read this. Try me. When living in Manhattan (a city full of endless restaurants, cheap and expensive) a guy I was dating invited me for dinner at Whole Foods. He was thereinafter referred to as Mr. Stingy by my girlfriends.

Though a stingy man may in fact pay, you’ll end up paying for it later. Par example, a past partner used to call me ‘princess’ in the most condescending way possible after he’d insist on paying, though resent it after the fact. Well if I’m the princess, then he is the villain. Surely a prince charming wouldn’t resort to name calling to diverge from the fact that he is extremely uptight, he thinks he’s been taken advantage of (though the venue and paying for the meal were both his choice), and see’s his money spending on someone else as a hassle, not a generosity. So would you date or have you dated a Mr. Stingy of your very own?

– Jenny Jen



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