Late Night Message, Part Deux

As promised in yesterdays piece, today I will cover why us women write back to late night messages (read: booty calls), and what is really going on in-and-around the time that he presses send.

Unbeknownst to you…

He could’ve been with another blonde, bronzed, broad all night and she didn’t give him the goods, so your his fall back so he can still feel desired and wanted.

He could’ve just sent out a bunch of texts to his roster of ladies waiting to be called up, and your just but one of them. You roll your eye’s and say it ain’t so, but honey I have many a guy friends and you don’t even know what these eye’s have seen (I’ll spare you so I can keep said friends).

He could’ve gone to the bar in hopes to find another bitty, but didn’t find another girl so thought he may as well settle and call the girl he knows would be more than happy to meet him on his schedule, when he says jump. (“How high?!” is what you are essentially saying if you do in fact respond, little puppy).

He could just be drunk, and won’t even remember the message in the morning, let alone by the time you respond (*cough* don’t do it).

So Why Do We Sext Back?

I know many girls still sort of know the above, but still write back. Still give in. Still wake up in his bed the next morning only to be told he has to run off to work, her friends later running into him at a local brunch joint.

Just Don’t

Please don’t write back. Please don’t run home to trade your neutral bra for a sexy, flashy black push up. Please don’t order another drink before last call to loosen up your own buttons (because we both know he can’t on his own). Instead, hone into your inner goddess and realize the reality of the situation. If he wants to ‘see you so bad’ like he claims at this carriage-turning-into-a-pumpkin kind of time at night, then he’ll want to see you just as bad tomorrow over the weekends’ best meal, brunch, or perhaps next week when you have a free moment in your busy Louis Vuitton scedule to pencil the prick in.

Often times, once women hear from the person they cling onto their phones to hear from, they shamefully agree to see the guy out of fear that they won’t get the ‘opportunity’ to again. Just maybe if I respond to him and show him how cool I am by going with the flow and not being annoying about not seeing him all night or hearing from him earlier, then maybe, just maybe, I can win him over with my bedroom prowess, and he’ll want to see me again and again and again. As I’ve quoted before “Don’t make someone a priority in your life, when you are just an option in theirs.”

Stay classy ladies, and if you still don’t know what to do in this ever-so-common scenario, re-read yesterdays piece.

– Jenny Jen


3 thoughts on “Late Night Message, Part Deux

  1. I agree that in most cases people (not just men) send texts late at night for a purpose other than their yearning to spoon. However, there have been many cases where I've texted late at night because I've had a few glasses of wine and finally have the NERVE to. Sometimes it's difficult to muster enough nerve to reach out to someone you really like because you actually like them, so when night time rolls around and you've been thinking about them all day and you've had a few drinks you are finally able to put all the insecurities that clutter your head aside you can finally make the call.

  2. Love the perspective, and I too have been there, my friend. But tell me, once you got the liquid courage, were you happy that you messaged/called? Were you able to keep up that confident self? Or did you not reach out again until after another few bevvy's?

  3. ah yes. thank you for writing this post. it is so forreals. most of my friends are guys, which is a good and bad thing. i know all their secrets, and dont even think they can pull this BS with me.why why WHY do girls always want to think they are the exception?!?!!? grr.

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