Comparison Culprit

If comparisons weren’t so easy to make, I’m certain I wouldn’t make so many. But they are, so I do. Don’t you?

We compare our current boyfriends, to our past boyfriends. We compare our friends boyfriends, to our own boyfriends. We compare our jobs, outfits and workouts to others. Whatever we do, there’s a comparison to be had and once we compare, we make a judgement on which is the better one. Sounds like some crazymaking behaviour if I ever heard it.

The knowledge of which is the better in turn causes an action. We stick with what we got or we make changes. So tell me, are you a comparison culprit, and if so, what is the comparison that always gets you?

You are a comparison culprit if you’ve…

– placed an order at a restaurant then changed that order when you saw someone at another table get served a different dish which you debated getting
– asked someone where they got an item of clothing, then purchased the same item
– written/typed a pro and con list of your current boyfriend vs. your previous one
– compared the you then to the you now
– ever suffered from The Grass Is Greener Syndrome (self explanatory, yeah?)
– felt unsettled about a decision
– made a top ten list of your friends weddings you’ve enjoyed most

Sure there are many more that could be added to the list, but it’s international hang over day for twentysomethings, so I won’t digress. Comparing doesn’t necessarily do anyone good. Though it can act as a motivator at times, it is often a sign of regret and let’s face it toots, we can’t change what has already happened. Yes, it’s easy to compare, but check in with yourself as to what the common occurrences are in what you compare. You may notice a pattern and that pattern can clue you in to some changes you may want to look deeper into than what appears (or doesn’t) on the surface.

– Jenny Jen



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