You Chose THAT as Your Display Pic?!

You’re scanning through your news feed/BBM list/Twitter and you notice a display pic that gives you a run for your money. ‘Whoa’, you think to yourself, ‘That’s intense’. You sit there for a moment to take a look at the image in it’s full size and you are completely and utterly baffled that this person chose that as their display pic. ‘Are you kidding me’? you think. And you sit there so badly wanting to tell the person that their image is sending the wrong message. But it’s not your place to say and for all you know, that is the message they want to be sending. So you smile to yourself, teeth clenched and go on with your day, the image popping in your blonde head here-and-there.

If the above is a scene often played out in the movie that is your life, you’re not alone sugar. This week, I went through those thoughts on repeat. What is attractive and becoming to one, may be unattractive and deterring to others. The thing is, we never really know the impression we are sending out. We are all people who are quick to judge others. I read something on Twitter last week saying that all women who have themselves in a bikini shot on Facebook, are insecure women. Or perhaps the person who Tweeted that is made insecure by those pictures, thus causing that accusation altogether.

Pictures send messages whether we like it or not. People who have pictures with a baby or kid by their side look nurturing. They look like they would be good with kids. I remember a friend of mine falling for a guy who she only knew over Facebook, because his picture was him playing with a little baby girl and she thought he looked so sweet, good with kids and from this thought he’d be a good catch. All well in good, but the guy had a rep for being a bit of a sleaze, she messaged him, they dated a bit and she had to be proven wrong because she already made up her mind before she met him, of what her expectations were, and wouldn’t listen to anyone who said boo.

People who have pictures with their partner present themselves to be lucky in love, and mark their territory (unbeknownst to them) keeping creepers away.

So what do your display pictures say about you?

The most common pictures are:

– an image of you with your partner
– a picture of you in a dance pose
– a picture of you holding a baby
– a picture of you on a trip, at a structure/place you want people to see
– a picture of you and your entire crew of friends
– a perfectly posed bikini shot
– a ‘jokes’ picture where you’re doing something over-the-top
– a picture of a movie poster

Which category do you fit in? Now that you’ve decided where your picture stands, check in with a few of your besties and see if their impression matches yours. Sure, you may have simply chosen a picture because you think you simply look cute, which is fine – you probably do – but check in just to make sure. With so many people having access to your profile and/or accounts, it’s always good to check in and put some thought into it.

– Jenny Jen



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