A Frog is a Frog

A frog is a frog. Kiss it if you will, but I can tell you there’s no turning it into a prince. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Ever meet someone, you’re totally attracted to? The chemistry is there, but there’s something missing. That something is that je ne sais quoi that all us girls seek in a man, making him different from all the other guys. Though you’re attracted to this guy and it’s evident he’s into you too, you find him to be quite ordinary.; a play-it-safe type. And although it’s nice to play it safe, there’s no allure in the ordinary. ‘But maybe’ you think just maybe, if you drop enough hints and train him to maybe dress a little edgier and act more prince-like than frog-like, then maybe he could be your prince charming after all.

Or maybe not. Because you have a friend, I have a friend, we all have friends who are there, caught dead in their hopeful tracks. These women are ‘stuck’ in relationships with men who they shouldn’t have ever gotten involved with in the first place. The red flags were there and they weren’t being treated up to their standards. These women all have the same common flaw: holding onto hope (aka unrealistic expectations).

Us women are all too familiar with being hopeful. We often think that time is the secret answer to our issues. That if we’re patient, and wait-it-out, then overtime our frog will turn into the prince we’ve convinced ourselves is inside that sort-of-slimy demeaner.

I know women that are in relationships (which I like to call stay-lationships). They stay in an unhappy relationship because they feel like they’ve put in x amount of time already. So instead of cutting their losses, they put in even more time. Cut their guy more slack, and this ongoing cycle of ‘he’s never going to change’ is obvious to everyone but these women.

Well if you’re one, no need to admit it, but you need to do something about it. You’re way too foxy of a lady to make excuses for the engine that could. Quit waiting, quit hoping, because people are who they are. I once heard a quote that says, “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them”. This quote couldn’t be more true. So often we are hoping something will change. Though I agree boys can be trained (in moderation), as we give them tips and tricks to putting a smile on our bronzed face, people are who they are. Their core qualities and lifestyle is just as you see it.

Now kiss that frog goodbye. Even if he turns into a prince once you walk away, you can be satisfied that you raised your standards and had enough respect to walk away. Plus, he’s likely only borrowing the crown. Just sayin’.

– Jenny Jen


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