A Dinner Party

Greetings from my kitchen. I type to you as jazz music plays in the background and as candy cooks on my stove. Today I’m quite the domesticated little twentysomething. What’s the occasion you ask? A dinner party at a girlfriends. Oh, how nice it will be to kick up my 4-inch heels and not have to worry about hosting duties. Dinner parties are to twentysomethings what babies are to thirtysomethings. They make us smile. They give us purpose. They give us an opportunity for connection and to do what we do best. Shmooze, relax, eat delicious food with delicious friends, worry free, all while looking fabulous.

Since it’s a sin to attend any dinner party empty-handed, I decided I’d take some time to put together a little something something and blog, so I can partake in that worry-free thing as referenced above. So here I am, clad in my metaphorical apron, MacBook Pro on my countertop, preparing – wait for it – candy apples.

My little Macintosh apples await, sticks in them ready to be dipped in the candy. I know the temperature of the candy must be at 150 degree’s. I have a thermometer here, but I have a feeling it will be a bit chaotic making sure I get the temp right on point. Either way, I give myself an A for effort. While everyone walks in with their to-be-expected bottles of red, I’ll walk in with a tasty little treat, usually not the predictable for twentysomethings but always the admired.

Whether you’re going to a dinner party, a cottage or a get together, proper etiquette calls for you to bring something for the host. So do the host (and yourself) a favour and think outside the box. You know that feeling you get when you open a present and it’s just so you? Or you get something from someone and are shocked with how thoughtful it is? If you’ve ever had that ‘I should’ve thought of that’ thought, then you know what I mean. Bring it out in someone else. Giving is one of life’s most genuine gifts.

Now time for me to get my dip on. How about them apples?

– Jenny Jen

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