On Feeling Good

You know those day’s where you just feel great? Things are going your way, you’re at peace with yourself and you radiate a glow that’s so obvious to those around you?

On my good days, I find that I’m chatting to people in line at Starbucks, I’m engaging in witty banter with the barista, and I’m shmoozing up a storm with anyone who will listen. I’m noticing the good in others and complimenting them as I go. When I’m as perky as can be, I find that I bring out the inner perk in others. In return, they give me back the mood I’m reflecting and I end up feeling even better about myself. It’s a positive cycle that shows me how our own moods effect others and how like breeds like. If you’re happy, the people around you are happy and if you’re down, the people around you are down.

So when you’re having a terrible day (which is rare for us blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings) you in turn feel down about yourself, you think you look ugly, you’re likely wearing your go-to sweats and a baggy t-shirt, and since you are keeping to yourself and/or are grumpy when being spoken to people in turn aren’t being the kindest to you. Again, a cycle of misery.

Good days come and go, as do bad days. What we can take from this is that everything lightens us up when we’re feeling great. What makes you feel great? A workout? A great intimate chat with your partner? Entertaining family and friends?

Make a list of the types of things that make you happy and then do one of those things today. See how you feel after the fact, and notice those around you lighten up. If ever you need a reminder, look back at that list.

– Jenny Jen


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