The Girls that Loved my Boyfriends

Isn’t it quite the interesting of things when you find yourself being the closest of friends with the girl who once was so into your boyfriend she wished the worst of wishes upon you? And you were so utterly in bliss that you didn’t even care. You wouldn’t notice the cut eye and wouldn’t hear the whispers because everything around you was as rosy as could be.

Or have you ever been one to automatically hate some other bitch who won the affection of a dude you were pining after? We all know how it is, girls will be girls. It’s almost a right of passage to have an automatic hatred for THAT girl. But as time goes on, and you move on, it’s funny the way things work out.

You see her around, your paths cross and over time you guys actually become friends.

I look at my friends whose parents are divorced and am always so in awe when their mom and their step mom seem to really hit it off. I think it’s a sign of class, and maturity, yet I’m almost certain it didn’t start off like that from the getgo.

It takes us all time to reach a form of acceptance, but with acceptance comes insight and comfort. I write this because in the past week I have spent time with three girls who loathed me for winning the heart of the guy they thought they wanted. I didn’t know them at the time. I probably wouldn’t have wanted to. But as time went on and I ran into them, they were able to see me for me and not as the object of their voodoo doll’s stabbed heart.

And I love these girls in return. I love them for seeing past the past. For letting go of their feelings and for their ability to break down the walls of communication.

Women are strong. Women are relateable. Think about that girl that you hate thinking about and wonder what it would be like if you let go of that hate and just reached out to her. What do you have to lose? Nothing at all, but girl, do you ever have a lot to gain.

– Jenny Jen


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