The Blonde and the Notable

Hey all you saucy ladies. Think you’re ready to go on a date with a guy? Well one thing you may not have thought about is wine. Wine makes the perfect company on a date. It marks a form of sophistication our Cartier watch can’t obtain if the dude we’re dating thinks that’s the name of an alcoholic beverage (it’s Courvoisier, ass hole.) Wine is sexy. It’s bold. But if you don’t know what wine to order or some basic wine and dating facts, then we need to do the whole 101 thing right about now.

Well I had the pleasure of chatting with Jesse Kovacs (from Bachelor Pad) and this pretty-faced, twentysomething has his own winery and just penned a book with his bro on wine called The Young and the Thirsty. They basically blonde-it-down to the basics and tell us what we need to know. If you like wine, or at least want to put on your poker face and play off that you know good wine, check out my article featured today on Notable.

Also if you are a fan of Carrie Bradshaw, then it’s time you become a fan of me. Today’s Notable feature gives you a bit of a backdrop to your go-to blonde, bronzed, twentysomething.

Bottoms up ladies. Oh and always remember: if you’re mixing wine and dating stick to the two drink minimum.

– Jenny Jen


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